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Public Safety Bomb Suit Standard, NIJ Standard-0117.01

NCJ Number
Date Published
April 2016
89 pages
As part of the Standards and Testing Program of the U.S. Department of Justice, this report presents a voluntary performance standard for bomb suits worn by certified public safety bomb technicians while performing render-safe procedures and bomb disposal activities.
This NIJ Standard 0117.01 defines both performance requirements and the methods used to test bomb suit performance. In order for a manufacturer, supplier, or other entity to claim that a particular bomb suit model satisfies this standard, the model must be in compliance with this standard. Nothing in this document is intended to require or imply that commercially available bomb suits must comply with this standard. The standard presented addresses six key areas: fragmentation, impact, flame, bomb blast overpressure, optics, and ergonomics. Fragmentation, impact, flame, and blast overpressure are hazards against which a bomb technician needs to be protected when performing render-safe procedures. Optics and ergonomics pertain to a bomb technician's ability to perform render-safe procedures while wearing the bomb suit. The standard balances the protection requirements against the bomb technician's need for mobility, clear vision, and dexterity. This standard was developed by a panel of practitioners, technical experts, and others with experience in standards development and conformity assessment. The panel's work was reviewed by an Advisory Working Group composed of senior-level representatives from stakeholder organizations and individuals with experience in standards development and conformity assessment. Requirements for manufacturers, suppliers, or other entities interested in demonstrating conformity with this standard are provided in a separate document, Public Safety Bomb Suit Certification Program Requirements, NIJ CR-0117.00. 15 tables and 8 figures

Date Published: April 1, 2016