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Protect Your School With the Launch of an App

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Techbeat Dated: November/December 2015 Pages: 3-5
Date Published
December 2015
3 pages
This article describes the new phone app from the National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center, which takes the user step-by- step through an assessment of a particular school's security features and trouble spots.

This app is intended for use by school resource officers and school administrators. The app guides the user in collecting information on the school's demographics and security assessment history. It then focuses on various internal and external security considerations. Sample questions the app asks of the user are whether student access to parking areas is restricted to arrival and dismissal times; whether trailers/portable classrooms are connected to the school's central alarm system; and whether exterior lighting is frequently checked. The app produces an easy-to-read report in PDF format, facilitating the sharing and storing of the security assessment. The app can be used to conduct security assessments of multiple schools and can be updated with new information. The app's content is based on the opinions and feedback of experts in school safety and security from across the country.

Date Published: December 1, 2015