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Practices and Needs in Reintegration Programs for Violent Extremist Offenders in the United States: The Extremist Perspective

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Studies in Conflict &Terrorism Volume: Online Dated: May 2023
Date Published
May 2023

In this study based on interviews with former extremists, the authors identify practices and needs in reintegration programs.


Based on a series of semi-structured interviews of former extremists, this study describes common challenges and helpful elements in the reintegration process. The authors identify five notable themes: the importance of rapport, challenges in accessing adequate mental health treatment, the impacts of solitary confinement, and difficulties with counter-productive probation conditions. As violent extremists continue to be released from prison and put on probation, further research is needed on the best programs and methods for the reintegration of this population. (Published Abstract Provided)

Date Published: May 1, 2023