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Pepper Spray Disperser Final Report

NCJ Number
Date Published
January 1996
111 pages
A research and development project sponsored by NIJ and initiated in 1994 resulted in an improved less than lethal projectile that disperses oleoresin capsicum (pepper spray) in hostage, barricade, and tactical assault situations.
The projectile is launched from a standoff position and disperses the pepper spray in the form of atomized droplets. The launcher/disperser is capable of being carried and operated by a single person. The research and development process involved a literature review, calculations of incapacitation, analysis of trajectory and recoil, penetration trials using test launching vehicles. Two designs of a three-part projectile were considered, manufactured, and tested. The PRODAS suite of computer programs for projectile modeling and aerodynamic, stability, and trajectory analysis was used to design a ballistically stable projectile. Simultaneous accuracy and penetration trials were carried out on the final design using the methodology recommended by NIJ in NIJ Standard 111.00 (Barrier Penetrating Tear Gas Munitions). Figures and illustrations

Date Published: January 1, 1996