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Patient-Centered Decision-Support Tool Informed by History of Interpersonal Violence: "Will This Treatment Work for Me?"

NCJ Number
Date Published
D. J. Grasso, J. D. Ford, O. Lindhiem
Publication Type
The Probability of Treatment Benefit (PTB) chart is a decision-support tool that quantifies, in absolute terms, the probability that an individual patient will benefit from a psychological treatment based on the individual’s pre-treatment characteristics. This article presents a practice update and demonstrates how to develop a PTB chart using data from a randomized controlled trial that examined the efficacy of two approaches for treating posttraumatic stress disorder based on patients’ pre-treatment exposure to multiple types of interpersonal violence.
The demand for such a tool has increased with the growing emphasis on personalized medicine and the need for selecting a treatment from an expanding list of evidence-based models. This method has the potential to provide clinicians and mental health consumers with a practical and interpretable means of comparing treatment options for individuals whose benefit from a particular treatment may differ substantially. Step-by-step instructions for applying the PTB method are provided in this article. 21 references (Publisher abstract modified)
Date Created: May 8, 2017