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NIJ Science

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April 2013
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In this video, the Director of the U.S.Justice Department's National Institute of Justice(NIJ)and the managers of various NIJ offices discuss and cite examples of NIJ's promotion of the use of the methods and products of science and technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of policing, courts, and corrections.
NIJ initiates and evaluates innovative programs in order to enhance the effectiveness of criminal justice practices. One such example mentioned in the video is the use of 1-day "John" schools for persons arrested for buying commercial sex. These schools were scientifically determined through evaluation to be effective in reducing recidivism among "Johns." Other outcomes of NIJ-sponsored research mentioned in the video are the determination that a 10-hour shift is the most productive use of police personnel; the innovative effort to match forensic sketches of suspects to existing police mugshots; and the application of mapping technologies to police crime analysis and the deployment of police resources.

Date Published: April 1, 2013