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NIJ Research Review, Volume 5, Issue 2

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Date Published
September 2004
6 pages
This issue presents summaries of eight NIJ (National Institute of Justice)-sponsored research projects and lists titles, grant numbers, and Web sites for full abstracts for 50 other NIJ-sponsored research projects.
One project summary pertains to a research guide for civil law enforcement and corrections regarding the Defense Department's non-lethal weapons and equipment. A second research project tested the hypothesis that the hospitalization rate for assault is higher among pregnant women than all women of reproductive age. Overall, the hypothesis was not confirmed; however, the study found a moderate increase in assaults among young pregnant women ages 15 to 19. A third project evaluated drug courts in Kansas City, MO, and Pensacola, FL. A fourth research project consisted of a national assessment of technology and training for small and rural law enforcement agencies. A fifth project examined the introduction of the 311 non-emergency call system and its impact on policing in Baltimore and Dallas. A sixth project developed a computer program that automates virtually every aspect of short-tandem repeat (STR) analysis of DNA databases. A seventh project studied the readiness to develop and implement effective violence-prevention efforts for women in 15 Native-American communities in both urban and reservation settings. The eighth project summary presents results from a Milwaukee study that suggests race and incarceration history have a significant impact on a job-seeker's employment opportunities. The other 50 projects listed pertain to a variety of issues relevant to the responsibilities of law enforcement agencies, the courts, and corrections agencies.

Date Published: September 1, 2004