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NIJ (National Institute of Justice) Initiative on Violent Crime

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January 1981
7 pages
This paper proposes initiatives which the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) will take against violent crime, in addition to the research efforts in that area now underway or planned for fiscal year 1982.
NIJ will provide technical assistance to individual law enforcement agencies in reviewing and analyzing their own operations, in identifying options for costs savings or reallocation of internal resources, and in using those savings to mount a targeted and effective program directed against violent crime. NIJ is currently initiating an aggressive search for effective police, prosecution, and corrections programs addressing violent crime. NIJ will develop and name an advisory board to review and select these programs, and applications and program information will be solicited from all noteworthy projects identified through a survey. Advisors will be convened in early March 1982 to review the candidate projects and to determine those worthy of onsite validation. When project evaluations confirm the effectiveness of a particular strategy, the project will be widely publicized and information on its operation will be documented and disseminated. In addition, NIJ has in place the capability and delivery mechanism to provide agencies with short-term assistance in assessment design, data collection, and analysis so that these agencies can conduct their own evaluations. To inform policymakers and practitioners of developments in the field, the following research efforts are planned for 1982: a victim compensation study, a report on policy and design considerations in correctional facility construction, a report on crime in public schools, and a study of victim services.

Date Published: January 1, 1981