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NIJ Journal Issue No. 278

NCJ Number
Date Published
National Institute of Justice
Publication Series
This issue contains articles that report on the National Institute of Justice‘s (NIJ‘s) policy-relevant research results and initiatives that pertain to corrections.
This is the first issue of the NIJ Journal under a new policy of focusing each issue on a single theme that involves research input from a variety of scientific disciplines. The articles in this issue show how research from the social sciences and the physical sciences complement one another to provide evidence-based information and guidance for improving corrections practices and promote institutional safety. The feature articles address NIJ-funded research pertinent to the following correctional issues: the adverse impact of incarceration on dependent children; the identification of at-risk corrections officers; reflections on Colorado’s study of administrative segregation in prison; the role of equipment performance standards in correctional settings; the importance of a holistic safety, health, and wellness research program; the identification of technology needs and innovations in corrections; and harnessing the power of technology in institutional corrections.
Date Created: August 20, 2019