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NIJ Awards in Fiscal Year 1997

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June 1998
28 pages
Publication Series
This listing identifies grants, interagency and cooperative agreements, contracts, and fellowships awarded by the National Institute of Justice during fiscal year 1997.
The awards reflect research, evaluation, training, dissemination, and technical support projects, including those supported by the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Agency Act of 1994 and those conducted in partnership with other Federal agencies. The awards are listed alphabetically by project title within the following major topic areas and subcategories: (1) criminal behavior--drug use forecasting, drugs and crime, residential substance abuse treatment, and violence; (2) crime control and prevention--community policing, crime mapping, firearms research, and locally initiated policing partnerships; (3) criminal justice system--corrections, courts, and law enforcement family support; (4) technology research and development--community-oriented policing technology, DNA identification, law enforcement and corrections technology centers, and less-than-lethal technology; and (5) information dissemination and technical support. Each award entry contains information on the recipient organization and the grant amount.

Date Published: June 1, 1998