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National Institute Host Program, Phase III - Final Report

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Date Published
January 1980
163 pages
This report summarizes major activities of the Host Program in which local and State criminal justice officials visit model projects and the Criminal Justice Task Force of the Urban Consortium -- an additional link between the National Institute of Justice and urban governments -- for the 1-year grant period beginning August 1979.
The Host Program gave 90 managers and supervisors the opportunity to visit 1 of 20 exemplary projects in law enforcement, prosecution, courts, corrections, and juvenile justice. The summary of program activities covers visitor selection, recruitment, and training at host sites. Highlights of the grant year were a workshop for Host Program graduates of Seattle's Community Crime Prevention program, published reports on the project's accomplishments during the previous 2 years and the workshop, and followup surveys of host visitors through mailed questionnaires and telephone interviews. The report describes the Community Crime Prevention Workshop which addressed funding, staff recruitment and training, maintaining Neighborhood Watch organizations, community-police coordination, and the use of volunteers. Participants reported the workshop enhanced the value of their visits to Seattle by allowing them to compare experiences and learn about other techniques. The final section reviews major activities of the Urban Consortium's Criminal Justice Task Force formed in October 1979 to identify top criminal justice priorities of urban governments and assist local officials to cope with scarce resources in the 1980's. The plans for Phase IV of the Host Program are outlined. Appendixes contain a list of host program visitors by site, host site project summaries, comments from visitors, and survey data, as well as materials on the Task Force's membership and meetings. For related material, see NCJ 60377 and 89201.

Date Published: January 1, 1980