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Moving Law Enforcement Technology Into the 21st Century

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January 1994
99 pages
A project funded by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) focused on supporting efforts to inform State and local law enforcement about appropriate technologies that would aid their efforts and to transfer technological advances to them.
The project concentrated on supporting the preparation and implementation of the first government-industry conference on this topic; the conference was held in June 1994. Follow-up efforts with industry were designed to further NIJ's ongoing initiative to bring the benefits of technology to every law enforcement professional. The project resulted in a broadened dialogue between government and industry to promote dual use and technology transfer for law enforcement. It also promoted an understanding of law enforcement technology needs among industry leaders, clarified the problems and recommended solutions for industry in dealing with the law enforcement market, and established a database of available industry technology sources. The discussions with industry revealed several significant issues, including the fragmentation and diversity of the law enforcement market, limitations and inconsistencies in the government's national technology transfer policy, and lack of adequate capital for research and development related to law enforcement. The industry representatives recommended the creation of national and regional technology centers, the creation of a law enforcement industry panel within the NIJ initiative, expanded interagency coordination and cooperation, and other actions. Descriptions of technology information sources and appended briefing materials and addresses of industry contacts

Date Published: January 1, 1994