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Money Lending Practices and Adolescent Dating Relationship Abuse: Results From a National Sample

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Date Published
J. E. Copp, E. A. Mumford, B. G. Taylor
Publication Type
This study used data from the National Survey on Teen Relationships and Intimate Violence (STRiV) (n = 728) - a comprehensive national household survey dedicated specifically to the topic of adolescent relationship abuse - to examine associations between requests for money lending, economic control/influence, financial socialization and adolescent relationship abuse among a large, diverse sample of male and female adolescents [48 percent female; 30 percent non-White, including Black (10 percent), Hispanic (2 percent), and other (18 percent)].
This study stemmed from previous research on adult intimate partner violence that found economic considerations and financial decisionmaking are associated with the use of violence in marital and cohabiting relationships. Yet limited work has examined whether financial behaviors influence the use of violence in adolescent dating relationships. Findings of the current study indicatet that requests for money lending were associated with a heightened risk for committing moderate and serious threats/physical violence perpetration and victimization, net of traditional predictors. Implications of these findings for intervention and prevention efforts are discussed. (Publisher abstract modified)
Date Created: July 10, 2017