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Michigan School Introduces Naloxone Kits, Training

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January 2018
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This article describes the rationale for and the implementation of a training program for Gaylord, Michigan high school and middle school administrators and staff on when and how to use a naloxone kit, which is available in school offices to reverse opioid overdoses.
The hope among all those participating in the training program is that they will never have to use their training; however, they believe that if there is a chance it will save a life, it is warranted. The free naloxone kits are supplied to the schools through a partnership between a pharmaceutical company and a national foundation. The committee that administers the program includes local law enforcement personnel, emergency medical service staff, the district attorney, various community organizations, and parents. It meets regularly to discuss current issues and how the members can cooperate in improving public safety. The committee worked with the board of education in developing a policy on how and when to use naloxone. The protocol starts with calling 911 before administering the drug. All teachers receive basic training from the state police and local emergency medical service personnel. The training covers recognition of the signs and symptoms of an overdose, and office staff receive more detailed training on using the kits.

Date Published: January 1, 2018