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Low Cost Microfluidic Microarray System for Typing SNPs

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February 2013
28 pages
The project's goal was to assemble and test an integrated microfluidic controlled microarray system for SNP-based typing of phenotypic markers.
The project succeeded in developing a breadboard prototype into an alpha unit, and it expanded the assay panel to include phenotype markers for gender and ancestry. The researchers previously demonstrated the feasibility of Akonni's sample preparation, PCR, and gel drop microarray components as a complete solution for forensic SNP-typing applications. The current project packaged components into prototype flow-through microfluidic modules to demonstrate SNP discrimination on forensic samples. It then optimized protocols and assay chemistries for phenotype determination. Components and reagents were then packaged into an early prototype integrated system for automated, sample-to-answer results. This system consisted of the instrument (i.e., fluidic handling, Akonini bladder thermocycler, and Akonni imager) and disposable components (i.e., Akonni TruTip, Akonni PCR, and TruArray flow cell chambers). 15 tables, 11 figures, 18 references, and information on the dissemination of research findings

Date Published: February 1, 2013