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Law Enforcement Environmental Assessment Tools

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140 pages
This report profiles law enforcement environmental assessment tools (LEEAT), which are "off-the-shelf" tools that enable police departments to determine whether they are receptive to women and minority police officers in their workplace environment and to implement procedures designed to create a positive environment for all personnel.
One of the LEEAT tools presented is an anonymous survey of departmental personnel designed to determine their perceptions of the barriers that officers are experiencing in the workplace related to gender and race and to obtain their input on possible solutions. Another tool profiled is the focus group guide, which is designed to bring together a cross-section of departmental employees to discuss such issues as general attitudes, uniforms and equipment, promotion, childcare and pregnancy, and sexual harassment. Another tool details recruitment and selection methods for recruiting women and minorities, followed by descriptions of the staff composition, course content, and training methods of a police training academy that is conducive to producing attitudes and work habits that facilitate a workplace environment which provides equal opportunity and acceptance for all officers without discrimination or harassment. A tool for preventing workplace gender discrimination contains a definition of sexual harassment, a sample sexual harassment policy, complaint procedures, and policies regarding pregnancy and child care. Work schedules, equipment and uniforms, and police unions and associations are also encompassed under this tool. The final LEEAT tool pertains to promotion and specialized assignments. It presents a departmental structure and procedures designed to ensure that promotions and specialized assignments are equally available to all personnel and reflect the diversity of personnel characteristics. For each of these LEEAT tools, this report provides forms and detailed procedures and content for planning and implementing the tool in departmental operations.

Date Published: January 1, 2000