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Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Advisory Council 2010 Annual Report

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Date Published
November 2011
80 pages

This 2010 Annual Report of the Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Advisory Council (LECTAC) describes the Council's work and priorities for the year.


LECTAC is a critical part of the National Institute of Justice's (NIJ's) Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation process, which provides practitioners input on what technologies are most important and what technology gaps currently exist. This input helps shape the activities of NIJ's science and technology portfolio, as well as NIJ-funded research that supports the development and implementation of new technologies for criminal justice application. In June 2010, LECTAC met to review the Technology Working Group's technology needs and the operational requirements establish during the 2010 working group meeting. LECTAC reviewed the high-priority technology recommendations using a three-phase process. The top-10 priorities rated of equal importance are biometrics, communications, community corrections/sensors and surveillance, community corrections, improved contraband detection and concealed weapon detection technologies, DNA forensics, electronic crime, explosives, less-lethal devices, and pursuit management. Six additional priorities are also on the 2010 agenda: body armor, general forensics, information-led policing, modeling and simulation, and office safety and protective technologies. Detailed descriptions are provided for each of the aforementioned technologies.

Date Published: November 1, 2011