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Juvenile Drug Treatment Court Self-Assessment Scoring Manual and Validated Instrument

NCJ Number
Date Published
July 2022
115 pages

This document offers an opportunity to independently complete and score the Court Self-Assessment, which is designed to demonstrate how the practices of a juvenile drug treatment court align with the JDTC Guidelines.


This scoring manual was designed to enable individual juvenile drug treatment courts (DJTCs) to independently complete and score their own Court Self-Assessments. Some JDTC team members who might be involved in filling out this CSA might include: case managers; clinical treatment supervisor or liaison; JDTC coordinator; and judge. The CSA is divided into 14 domains and the items are numbered to indicate the domain and then a sequence with domain, for example, item 2a is the first item under domain 2. This document is organized by guideline, so that a DJTC’s score on the CSA will indicate the level of alignment for each specific guideline. It provides a glossary of key terms that may cause confusion, followed by the CSA questionnaire along with instructions for scoring the JDTC according to the Guidelines for each question.

Date Published: July 1, 2022