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Just Science Podcast: Just DNA Mixture Interpretation

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This online audio and accompanying written description addresses the fifth episode of the Just Science Podcast of an interview with Dr. Catherine Grgicak on her work in "DNA Mixture Interpretation."


Dr. Grgicak and her colleagues at Boston University have developed tools and resources that are openly available to the forensic science community. This episode of the Justice Science Podcast addresses the Computational Evaluation of Evidentiary Signal (CEESit) and Number of Contributors (NOCit) tools, along with some of the other contributions that Dr. Grgicak and her colleagues have made to the forensic community. The NOCit outputs the a posteriori probability distribution for the number of contributors from which the sample arose. The CEESit outputs the likelihood ratio, likelihood ratio distribution, and p-value for an unknown. These tools are accessible through this website.

Date Published: January 1, 2017