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An Introduction to Clandestine Meth Labs Fact Sheet

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Date Published
June 2014
2 pages
This fact sheet provides information for developing a clandestine meth lab training course.
This fact sheet from the National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center (NLECTC) provides information for developing a clandestine meth lab (methamphetamine lab) training course. The training course was first developed by NLECTC and presented to several agencies in 2012. For those agencies that wish to develop their own course, the following objectives should be included: educating first responders on the signs of a meth user; recognizing a clandestine meth lab, especially the one-step "shake and bake" method, and knowing the importance of alerting law enforcement on finding a suspected lab; using proper protective equipment; decontaminating persons who have come into contact with meth, emphasizing that standard decontamination is not adequate; and following hospital protocols. Noted in the fact sheet, the "shake and bake" meth lab presents special dangers not only to law enforcement but to first responders as well due to the instability of the plastic containers that are designed to hold beverages, not combustible chemicals.

Date Published: June 1, 2014