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Interoperability Gateways/Interconnects

NCJ Number
Date Published
March 2007
4 pages
This report briefly describes the use of a gateway system; a transitional interconnect system that achieves radio interoperability among public safety officials.
Highlights of the report include: (1) interconnect systems, such as gateways, allow for voice interoperability between otherwise incompatible radio communication systems; (2) interoperability is achieved by retransmitting voice over interconnected radio subscriber units; (3) linking incompatible radio frequency bands and systems can be relatively easy and effective; (4) interconnect deployment will require new strategies and operational procedures; and (5) the gateway approach to interoperability has significant potential. During a disaster, public safety officials need to have immediate radio connection with each other. One solution is an interconnect system that, once set up and activated, can link incompatible radio systems though specialized hardware and software without requiring significant alterations to an agency’s radio infrastructure. An interconnect system allows radios to communicate even if they are on different frequencies or have different protocols. Gateway devices or systems, one type of interconnect system, are particularly effective when considered as a near-term solution or as part of a transitional strategy when deploying a new wide-area radio system. 1 figure

Date Published: March 1, 2007