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How's the Ride?

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Date Published
January 2006
2 pages
This report presents an evaluation of Human Transporters (HTs) by Segway for law enforcement and corrections use.
Overall, evaluation results indicated that the most significant positive outcome associated with law enforcement use of the HT was its effectiveness as a community policing tool. Officers reported that citizens of all ages were interested in the device and would start conversations with police officers, something that almost never occurred when officers were patrolling in vehicles. Other benefits of the HTs included safe mount/dismount; ease of use, especially in crowds; and faster and less tiring than walking foot patrols. Several disadvantages to using HTs were noted, such as the fragility of the kickstand and the problem of maintaining battery power throughout the full patrol time. The evaluation data was derived from the National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center (NLECTC), which initiated a program in March 2003 to loan HTs to law enforcement and corrections agencies and gather data about their experiences with the technology. The National Institute of Justice requested its Border Research and Technology Center (BRTC) analyze the data from 18 State, local and university law enforcement departments; correctional facilities; and public safety agencies. These 18 agencies used their borrowed HTs in a variety of settings and on a variety of surfaces, such as asphalt, stairs, concrete, grass, gravel, rocks, and mud. Contact information is presented for information about the Segway HT.
Date Published: January 1, 2006