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Guide for the Selection of Chemical and Biological Decontamination Equipment for Emergency First Responders, NIJ Guide 103-00, Volume II

NCJ Number
Date Published
October 2001
186 pages
This guide includes information useful to the emergency first responder community in the selection of chemical and biological agent and toxic industrial material decontamination techniques and equipment for different applications. This volume, Volume II, includes details of the 72 decontamination equipment items that are referenced in Volume 1.
Volume 1 (NCJ-189724) serves as a selection tool, while Volume 2 serves as a repository for the decontamination data sheets. Volume 2 includes three sections and five appendices. Section 1 is the introduction. Section 2 discusses the market survey that was conducted to identify the 72 commercially available decontamination equipment items. Section 3 provides a description of the 36 data fields that were identified for providing information relating to the equipment. Appendix A lists the sources that were used in developing this document. Appendix B sequentially indexes the equipment by decontamination equipment name. Appendix C alphabetically indexes the decontamination equipment name. Appendix E contains the data sheets for each item of decontamination equipment.

Date Published: October 1, 2001