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Guide for the Selection of Chemical Agent and Toxic Industrial Material Detection Equipment for Emergency First Responders NIJ Guide 100-00, Volume I

NCJ Number
Date Published
June 2000
74 pages
This is a guide to the emergency first responder community in the selection of chemical agent and toxic industrial material detection techniques and equipment for different applications.
The guide is more practical than technical and includes information on a variety of factors that can be considered when purchasing detection equipment, including sensitivity, detection states, and portability. The guide provides an introduction to chemical agents (CAs) and toxic industrial materials (TIMs). Specifically, it discusses nerve and blister agents by providing overviews, physical and chemical properties, routes of entry, and symptoms. It also discusses the 98 TIMs considered in this guide. It provides an overview of the identified CA and TIM detection technologies, a short description of each, and photographs of specific equipment that falls within the technology discussed. The volume discusses various characteristics and performance parameters used to evaluate CA and TIM detection equipment presented in this guide. These characteristics and performance parameters are referred to as selection factors; 16 have been identified and they can be compared and contrasted using data presented in tables in the guide. Symbols and abbreviations, notes, tables, figures, appendixes, references

Date Published: June 1, 2000