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Greenbook Demonstration Initiative, Interim Evaluation Report

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Date Published
December 2004
175 pages
This interim evaluation report assesses the progress of the federally funded Greenbook Initiative at its six demonstration sites, which have used the Greenbook model as a framework for a collaborative approach in working with families that are experiencing the co-occurrence of child maltreatment and domestic violence.
Through a partnership with the Federal Justice Department and the Department of Health and Human Services, the demonstration communities have sought to implement the Greenbook recommendations in prioritizing collaboration, the identification of co-occurring issues, information sharing, batterer accountability, improved access to services, and improved advocacy. The intent of these activities is to promote system integration and treat the entire family, rather than focusing on isolated family issues or family members. This report describes the results of the national evaluation at the midpoint of the 5-year demonstration grant, including baseline outcome evaluation findings, Greenbook guidance, activities planned and implemented at the midpoint of the initiative, and lessons learned. Following the Greenbook recommendations, the child welfare system has coordinated most activities described in this report, including changes to screening and assessment practices, information-sharing policies, co-located advocates, and training for direct service staff. The dependency court systems at the demonstration sites have focused on communication with other courts and avoidance of unnecessary blaming of nonoffending parents. Domestic-violence service providers have changed screening protocols, clarified mandated reporting procedures, and participated in training activities. Generally, the multidiscipinary approaches implemented at the site have enhanced or built upon existing approaches rather than created new partnerships. The discussion of lessons learned pertains to resources, primary partner dynamics, support from a national demonstration initiative, system-specific Greenbook work, multidisciplinary Greenbook work, and when Greenbook recommendations were insufficient for addressing issues that arose. 22 exhibits, appended description of individual site activities, and 13 references

Date Published: December 1, 2004