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Generalized Temperature Measurement Equations for Rhodamine B Dye Solution and Its Application to Microfluidics

NCJ Number
Analytical Chemistry Volume: 81 Issue: 19 Dated: 2009 Pages: 8260-8263
Date Published
4 pages

This study discusses generalized temperature measurement equations for rhodamine B dye solution.


In this report, researchers develop and validate generalized calibration equations for rhodamine B dye solution that can be applied for any value of reference temperature. Analysis shows that a simple linear correction for a 40 °C reference temperature produces errors in measured temperatures between −3 to 8 °C for three previously published sets of cubic calibration equations. On the other hand, corrections based on an exact solution of these equations restrict the errors to those inherent in the calibration equations. The methods described here are demonstrated for cubic calibration equations derived by three different groups, but the general method can be applied to other dyes and calibration equations. Temperature mapping based on fluorescent signal intensity ratios is a widely used noncontact approach for investigating temperature distributions in various systems. This noninvasive method is especially useful for applications, such as microfluidics, where accurate temperature measurements are difficult with conventional physical probes. However, the application of a calibration equation to relate fluorescence intensity ratio to temperature is not straightforward when the reference temperature in a given application is different than the one used to derive the calibration equation. (Published Abstract Provided)

Date Published: January 1, 2009