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GC-IRD Analysis of Regioisomeric Substituted Phenethylamines of Mass Spectral Equivalence

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The value of gas chromatography with vapor phase infrared spectrophotometric detection is described for a series of isomeric phenethylamines.
The major mass spectral fragments for these unique isomers occur at equivalent mass and members of each series have equal molecular weights. The infrared spectra for these compounds allow for identification of any one of these amines to the exclusion of all other isomers of the series. This differentiation is accomplished without the need for chemical derivatization. All the studied regioisomers could be differentiated from the controlled drug substance via their vapor phase IR spectra. Capillary gas chromatography successfully resolved the side chain and ring regioisomers for those isomers included in this study. (publisher abstract modified)

Date Published: January 1, 2008