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Forensic DNA Laboratory Improvement Program

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This final report on Utah's Forensic DNA Laboratory Improvement Program covers the reporting period from October 1, 1998 to December 31, 1998.
During this period, the laboratory ordered and received the electrophoresis instrument and license for the amount of $60,186 from Perkin Elmer Applied Biosystems. After the primer initially ordered did not operate as expected, another was ordered and is functioning properly. Validation of the CE 310, using Profiler Plus, began in January 1998. Validations were performed in the areas of reproducibility, resolution, sample concentrations, mixtures, crime scene substances, peak height ratios, and various DNA sources. A local Utah database was established. These studies were completed in September 1998. The section underwent an external audit by a representative from the Oregon State Police. On October 1, the project began accepting casework with the use of the Profiler Plus panel of STRs. Since then, 11 cases have been done; these include a homicide from 1985 and a rape/burglary from 1995, as well as a suspect serial rape of four victims. In all cases, DNA was the main evidence. Validation of the Co-Filer kit has included reproducibility studies, concentration studies, resolution studies, and 100 database samples analyzed. Sample extractions have begun for the convicted felon database. Once Co- Filer is validated, amplification and analysis will begin. Personnel training activities are also reported.

Date Published: January 1, 1999