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Estimating the Financial Costs of Crime Victimization, Final Report

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December 2018
263 pages
This assessment of the field of research on the cost of victimization produced a series of recommendations for future research studies and practitioner tools for advancing this research field.
The intent of this assessment is to focus on the victims, so as to consider what information is most needed by those who service them. A second objective is to stay aware that even if the proximate victim is a business, the government, or non-profit organization, individual victims are still adversely affected. Data-collection activities and literature reviews are combined with extensive input from an advisory board of experts throughout this project, including the development of recommendations. Volume I of this report discusses the work and findings of three focus groups, which were tasked with obtaining the perspectives of specialized practitioner groups on how they currently use data on the costs of victimization. Overall, the focus groups provided important insights on several topics. Also discussed in Volume I are a service-provider survey and a survivor survey, which gained perspectives from the providers and recipients of victim services. They provided input on the costs involved in victimization. Volume II of this report presents the methodology and findings of a literature review of cost estimation methods, as well as victimization prevalence, incidence, and concentration. Volume III is entitled "The Roadmap: A Menu of Recommendations for Future Work." Each of the recommendations provided address an identified research need related to estimation of the financial costs of crime victimization, either independently or overlapping with other proposed ideas. Some of the recommendations may have higher priority for some uses of cost estimates than for others; thus, priorities may differ for various users of this research. Extensive tables, figures, and references

Date Published: December 1, 2018