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Engaging the Community: Operation Heat Wave

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Date Published
Brigitte Gassaway, Sergeant Steven Armon, Dana Perez
This article provides an overview of a geographic information systems tool launched by the Dallas PD for integrating and viewing data about specific locations.
This article illustrates how Targeted Area Action Grids (TAAG), statistically identify distressed areas with high risk of crime, and can be used to direct detectives conducting outreach to residents of these distressed areas to establish leads. TAAG areas are geographic hot spots within the city where conditions are favorable for crime to occur. Twenty-seven areas have been identified and represent approximately 7 percent of the city, or about 26 square miles, and have about 30 percent of the total part 1 crimes. This model uses a multivariate method that improves the forecasting effectiveness of geographic information systems (GIS) compared to conventional or retrospective mapping methods because it looks at more than just crime. The variables or indicators themselves do not create crime; they simply point to locations where, if the conditions are right, the likelihood of victimization and criminal behavior increases. The TAAG areas produced will assist in strategic decisionmaking and tactical action by showing where conditions are favorable for crime to occur in the future. 3 figures
Date Created: October 11, 2011