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Drug Enforcement and Prevention Strategy

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Date Published
January 1987
20 pages
These eight papers consist of summaries of research studies, together with commentaries by prosecuting attorneys and the executive vice president of the American Prosecutors Research Institute, designed to provide an overview of issues related to drug law enforcement and the effectiveness of treatment programs for drug-abusing offenders.
Issues considered include the effectiveness of drug testing, whether drug use is a mitigating or aggravating factor in criminality, methods for improving the identification of drug abusers, strategies for reducing crime by probationers, and the role of the district attorney at the pretrial stage. Individual papers examine the association between heavy marijuana use and crime among detained youths, the role of compulsory treatment for drug and alcohol abusers, and the effectiveness of a prison therapeutic community for substance abuse treatment. Further papers focus on efforts to improve heroin law enforcement and policy issues related to alternatives to incarceration for heroin and cocaine abusers.

Date Published: January 1, 1987