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Distinguishing sexual lubricants from personal hygiene products for sexual assault cases

NCJ Number
Forensic Chemistry Volume: 5 Dated: 2017 Pages: 58-71
Date Published
14 pages

Since a common issue in sexual assault investigations is distinguishing sexual lubricants from personal hygiene products (PHPs) such as lotions, the current study analyzed 36 samples that consisted of personal lubricants, condom lubricants, and PHPs, using DART-TOFMS to determine whether a method could be developed to discriminate sexual lubricants from PHPs. Using this direct introduction mass spectrometry technique, each sample displayed a chemical profile that included both commonly observed major compounds and more discriminating minor components. Using statistical treatments such as hierarchal cluster analysis, principal component analysis, and linear discriminant analysis, sexual lubricants and PHPs were differentiated based on significant peaks observed and their relative abundances. A method in identifying the difference between common PHP, i.e. creams and lotions, and sexual lubricants was established. (publisher abstract modified)

Date Published: January 1, 2017