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A data set of bloodstain patterns for teaching and research in bloodstain pattern analysis: Impact beating spatters

NCJ Number
Data in Brief Volume: 18 Dated: 2018 Pages: 648-654
Date Published
7 pages

This article presents a novel data set, suitable for training or research purposes, applicable to the forensic discipline of bloodstain pattern analysis.


This is a data set of 61 blood spatter patterns scanned at high resolution, generated by controlled impact events corresponding to forensic beating situations. The authors realized the spatter patterns with two test rigs, to vary the geometry and speed of the impact of a solid object on a blood source – a pool of blood. The resulting atomized blood droplets travelled a set distance towards a poster board sheet, creating a blood spatter. Fresh swine blood was used; its hematocrit and temperature were measured. Main parameters of the study were the impact velocity and the distance between blood source and target sheet, and several other parameters were explored in a less systematic way. This new and original data set is suitable for training or research purposes in the forensic discipline of bloodstain pattern analysis. Publisher Abstract Provided

Date Published: January 1, 2018