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Court Security and the Transportation of Prisoners: A National Study, Volume II

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Date Published
January 1995
1178 pages
This document presents reference and background information for a study of techniques and procedures for improving court security and the transportation of prisoners.
Individual sections present a map of the Federal judicial circuits; an address and telephone directory of the Federal courts, including the Court of Appeals, circuit and district courts, chief judges, and individual court systems; and charts detailing the structure and judgeships in each of the State court systems. Additional sections present the Independent Safety Board Act Amendments of 1994, which apply to Federal, State, municipal, and university aircraft operators; a form proposed by the Federal Aviation Administration to be used by sworn and armed law enforcement officers; Federal requirements for commercial driver's licenses; an issues paper and model policy on the transportation of prisoners; and the court security policy and procedures of the Dupage County (Ill.) Sheriff's Department. Further sections provide additional model policies and procedures, outlines of training programs and schedules, guides for preparing lesson plans for court security training programs, addresses and telephone numbers of headquarters contacts in Federal criminal justice agencies, state government contacts, national and international associations related to law enforcement and criminal justice, publications, equipment sources, and excerpts from Federal and State laws.

Date Published: January 1, 1995