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COPLINK: Database Integration and Access for a Law Enforcement Intranet, Final Report

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March 2001
131 pages
This report discusses COPLINK: Database Integration and Access for a Law Enforcement Intranet.
The goal of the COPLINK project was to create a proof-of-concept prototype to integrate law enforcement databases and to provide a model for information sharing in a secure law enforcement Intranet. A partnership was established between the Tucson, AZ, Police Department and the University of Arizona Artificial Intelligence Lab. The group proposed to integrate law enforcement databases in a data warehousing approach, rather than mediating (translating between differing) databases. The group's prototype design is three-tiered, including an Oracle database, an (Oracle) Web application server, and a Java client interface. An integral part of their proof-of-concept is a system design that will support multiple COPLINK nodes in a distributed, multiagency system. The COPLINK system has attracted interest, support, and momentum largely because it fulfills a need in the criminal justice community, particularly in law enforcement. The report concludes that all law enforcement agencies must begin dialog at county, regional, and State levels to begin designing more comprehensive structures for regional, State, and national data sharing. Attachments

Date Published: March 1, 2001