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Contactless Fingerprint Minutia Marking Report (Version 1.0)

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Date Published
December 2014
44 pages
Building on a previous study in 2014 that evaluated the match performance and interoperability of contactless versus contact fingerprint data ("Evaluation of Contact versus Contactless Fingerprint Data"), this current project created a companion dataset of Electronic Biometric Specification Transmission (EBTS) files with vetted minutia markings and fingerprint images that can be used for more detailed and robust contactless fingerprint analyses in future work.
A subset of the data from the previous study was vetted by a Certified Latent Print Examiner (CLPE) in order to correct minutia classification and to delete incorrect and false minutiae. The fingerprint data processed and discussed in this report are from the following devices: Cross Match Guardian R2 (CMR2); SEEK II; TBS 3D Enroll (HT1 output); and FlashScan 3D D1. This companion dataset is entitled "Innovations Fingerprint Study Minutia Dataset." The dataset contains Latent Friction Ridge Features Search (LFFS) Electronic Biometrics Transmission Specification (EBTS) files and the collected grayscale image files. The dataset contains the original and CLPE processed versions of the files, along with corresponding original image files. This facilitates testing and comparison. The features of the EBTS files are listed n this report. This companion dataset can be requested for release to third parties. This report includes descriptions of data preparation, post-processing data preparation, and the minutia processing approach. The data subset is reported for each fingerprinting device. The subsets address processing metrics and image artifacts. 28 figures and 3 tables

Date Published: December 1, 2014