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The Comprehensive School Safety Initiative: Awards Made in Fiscal Year 2017

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February 2018
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This report indicates the amount of grant money awarded in fiscal year 2017 by the U.S. Justice Department's National Institute of Justice Under the Comprehensive School Safety Initiative.
The total grant amount for the Comprehensive School Safety Initiative in fiscal year 2017 was 42,172,447. Grant amounts are reported under five categories and two categories for technical assistance that aids in school safety. One category of awards provides scholars with the opportunity to develop new, innovative, and evidence-based programs, practices, or strategies that have not yet undergone evaluation. A second category of awards supports demonstrations and evaluations of programs, practices, policies, and strategies designed to improve school and student safety. The third category pertains to projects that expand the use of effective interventions by scaling-up. The fourth category of grant awards involves awards that support research that has implications for school safety practice and policy with project periods that are 2 to 3 years. The fifth category pertains to projects that assess school safety issues as they affect American Indian/Alaska Native students and schools. With each of these five broad categories of types of school safety initiatives. grant amounts are reported for sub-categories of types of programs that fit under the broad category; for example, under the first broad category of developing novel and innovative school safety programs, practices, and strategies, grant amounts are reported for a developmental study of the Keeping Kids in School Initiative and for a program to improve school resource officers effectiveness through online professional and job embedded coaching. In addition to projects under the five broad category types, grant awards are reported for research, development, and evaluation of technologies to improve school safety and for understanding the impacts of policing strategies and practices (Beyond Crime Reduction).

Date Published: February 1, 2018