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Civil Protection Order Enforcement - Presentation to NIJ and the Office on Violence Against Women, U.S. Department of Justice

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Date Published
October 2009
12 pages
This is a video and transcript of two presentations and subsequent discussion of the methodology and preliminary findings of a Kentucky study of the cost-effectiveness of civil protective orders (CPOs) in domestic violence cases in rural and urban areas of the State.
The first presentation by one of the principal researchers of the study reviews the study methodology, which involved initial and follow-up interviews with a sample of 188 women who had received CPOs after experiencing domestic violence. The issues addressed in the study were whether the CPOs stopped the violence, as determined in a 6- month follow-up, as well as whether there were any violations of the CPO during that period. The study found that the number of days victims experienced abuse from the perpetrator were much less under the CPOs compared with the 6 months prior to obtaining the CPO. Factors in CPO violations were also examined. Other issues addressed in the study were barriers to obtaining a CPO and victim efforts to change or rescind a CPO. The second presentation was by a collaborator in the Kentucky study. It focused on study findings related to stalking, as well as the importance of collaboration among all stakeholders in efforts to improve the process of obtaining and enforcing CPOs. Questions and discussion that followed the two presentations are also included in the video and transcript.

Date Published: October 1, 2009