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CANDLE: Collaboration between AAMVA and Nlets for Driver License Exchange

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This report presents the CANDLE (Collaboration between AAMVA and Nlets for Driver License Exchange) Project, funded by the National Institute of Justice, making interstate driver and motor vehicle information available in a uniform and consistent manner.
Justice and public safety (JPS) professionals in the United States and Canada receive interstate driver and motor vehicle information using National Law Enforcement Telecommunication System (Nlets), the International Justice and Public Safety Information Sharing Network. The States presently deliver this key data in non-uniform, State-specific formats. Receipt of this important data must occur in a consistent manner to improve efficiency while reducing public and officer risk. Under the NIJ funded CANDLE grant (Collaboration between AAMVA and Nlets for Driver License Exchange), the partner organizations successfully used AAMVA’s information model to convey uniform response over Nlets in a format compliant with the DOJ Global Justice XML Data Model (GJXDM) information sharing standard. The CANDLE effort has identified the need for common interstate and intrastate exchanges and for a single, shared interface to deliver common services for departments of public safety (DPS) and motor vehicle (DMV). The goal of a single shared interface will be realized by working with AAMVA to extend and promote the CANDLE specifications for adoption and implementation directly by State DMVs. A number of major national initiatives including the Real ID Act will result in major revisions to State DMV systems which create the opportunity for CANDLE DMV implementations. In the absence of the CANDLE support, the Real ID retooling of State DMV systems may not adequately consider justice and public safety’s needs or perpetuate limited legacy JPS interfaces. Appendixes

Date Published: January 1, 2006