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Building Knowledge About Crime and Justice: The 1999 Research Prospectus of the National Institute of Justice

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November 1998
18 pages
This report explains the mission and fiscal resources of the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) and outlines how the NIJ research and development activity during 1999 will seek to strengthen the country's ability to prevent and control crime and to achieve justice.
Congress established NIJ 30 years ago to develop and disseminate knowledge that provides answers to questions raised by elected officials, civic leaders, and criminal justice personnel regarding crime control. In fiscal year 1998, Congress appropriated $41 million for core NIJ operations, which was augmented by transfers of funds from other Federal agencies and from Crime Act Offices. Much of NIJ's work is guided by the following five strategic challenges: (1) rethinking justice and the processes that create just communities, (2) understanding the nexus between crime and its social context, (3) breaking the cycle of crime by testing research-based interventions, (4) creating the tools and technologies that meet the needs of practitioners, and (5) expanding horizons through interdisciplinary and international perspectives. NIJ supports both outside and staff-conducted research to address its strategic challenges and other priorities. NIJ conducts its activities through multiple approaches, including research and evaluation, identification of innovative programs and effective policies, demonstration programs, technology development, and improvement of research infrastructure. NIJ disseminates knowledge to policymakers and practitioners through print and electronic publications, conferences, meetings, videotaped seminars, and web sites. One of NIJ's primary means of sharing information is the National Criminal Justice Reference Service. Figures, footnotes, and list of NIJ online resources

Date Published: November 1, 1998