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Beyond Community Policing: The Importance of Community Building - Interview With Michael Davis

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June 2011
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This is the video and transcript of an interview with Michael Davis - the Chief of Police of the Brooklyn Park Police Department (Minnesota) - at the 2011 NIJ Conference, which focuses on an expansive view of community policing that includes "community building."
In September of 2009, the Brooklyn Park Police Department called a community meeting to talk about priority issues facing the community. Four hundred people attended from diverse sections of the community, and they conversed about the community's future. This led to the creation of a core planning team of 31 people who reflected diversity in race, ethnicity, and gender, as well as divergent opinions about the current state and envisioned future of the community. A mission statement for the community was developed. It holds that everyone in the community has intrinsic value and that the community thrives when everyone takes responsibility for the quality of life in the community. The police are part of this effort through leadership in maintaining and improving public safety for all in the community. This is done through professional and collaborative interactions with the community that provide legitimacy for the police based on fair and respectful enforcement of the law.

Date Published: June 1, 2011