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Beliefs and Recommendations Regarding Child Custody and Visitation in Cases Involving Domestic Violence: A Comparison of Professionals in Different Roles

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Date Published
May 2016
23 pages
Since research is lacking on differing perspectives regarding custody cases involving domestic violence (DV), a survey of judges, legal aid attorneys, private attorneys, DV program workers, and child custody evaluators (n = 1,187) was conducted to determine their perspectives on this issue.
The survey found that judges, private attorneys, and evaluators were more likely to believe that mothers make false DV allegations and alienate their children. In response to a vignette, evaluators and private attorneys were most likely to recommend joint custody and least likely to recommend sole custody to the survivor. Legal aid attorneys and DV workers were similar on many variables. Gender, DV knowledge, and knowing victims explained many group differences. 64 references (Publisher abstract modified)

Date Published: May 1, 2016