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Addressing Youth Violence and Victimization From an Environmental Perspective: A Resource Guide for Practitioners

NCJ Number
Date Published
March 2020
53 pages
This resource guide develops the basis for addressing youth violence from an environmental perspective and reviews resources for implementing approaches to youth violence based on this perspective.
The environmental perspective of youth violence incorporates contextual elements that influence whether a youth engages in violent behaviors. It also considers that youth can experience violence committed by others in their communities, thus becoming victims of violence. Victims of violence are at high risk of becoming perpetrators of violence. The structural context of a community determines whether youth are more or less likely to engage in violence, along with determining their risk for becoming a victim of violence. The section of the guide titled "Ecological Context of Violence" presents an overview of the various ways youth experience violence and the various environments where risk and protective factors are experienced, including neighborhood, family, school, and peer interactions. This section also highlights research that identifies environmental risk factors and best practices for intervention strategies and programs that target environmental risk and protective factors. Developing cultural competence and sensitivity required for working with minority youth with various distinguishing characteristics is also addressed in this guide. Also include in this guide is a list of current approaches to youth violence and resources for practitioners involved in specific programs and practices that target youth violence.

Date Published: March 1, 2020