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Notes From the Field

Notes From the Field

Those working in the criminal justice system should always use research and evidence to inform their policies, practices, and work. However, leaders often need to make decisions based on limited information and under unpredictable or even volatile circumstances. Sometimes there simply isn’t research available yet to help inform decisions on emerging issues.

Notes From the Field is not a research-based publication. Instead, it presents lessons learned by law enforcement executives and other on-the-ground leaders, from years of experience and thinking deeply about law enforcement issues.

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Title Author Subject Date

Challenges in Identifying Novel Psychoactive Substances and a Stronger Path Forward

Alex J. Krotulski, Associate Director, Center for Forensic Science Research & Education Seized drugs 2022-06-11

Multidisciplinary Team Works to Reduce Preventable Deaths of Older Adults

Stacy A. Drake, Ph.D., MPH, RN, AFN-BC, D-ABMDI, FAAN Elder abuse/death investigation 2022-05-09

Applying Modern Investigation Methods to Solve Cold Cases

 Detective Lt. Jason Moran, Cook County Sheriff’s Office, Special Victims/Forensic Services Unit Cold cases 2022-03-17
Using Forensic Intelligence Analysts to Drive Gun Crime Investigations

Stephanie Stoiloff, Commander, Forensic Services Bureau, Miami-Dade Police Department; Yaneisy Delgado, Intelligence Analyst; Gabriel Hernandez, Forensic Laboratory Manager

Forensic intelligence 2021-06-07

Providing Reliable Interoperability for First Responders

Charlie Guddemi, Statewide Interoperability Coordinator, DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency Communications technology 2021-03-15
Caution is Necessary When Expanding Field Testing Capabilities  Peter Stout, CEO and President, Houston Forensic Science Center Seized drugs 2021-01-05
Improving the Analysis and Collection of Trace Evidence Samples Edward “Chip” Pollock, Laboratory Director, Sacramento County District Attorney’s Laboratory of Forensic Services Trace evidence 2020-11-02
Efficient Casework Policy To Address Emerging Challenges in Seized Drugs Jeremy Triplett, Laboratory Manager, Kentucky State Police Central Forensic Laboratory Seized drugs 2020-09-30
Reducing the Need for Victim Testimony in Human Trafficking Cases Detective Joseph M. Scaramucci, McLennan County Sheriff’s Office Human trafficking 2020-06-25

Emphasizing a Victim-Centered Approach in Human Trafficking Prosecutions

Lara Mullin, Chief Deputy District Attorney, Denver District Attorney’s Office

Human trafficking 2020-05-01

Navigating the Wild Wild West of Emerging Technologies for Public Safety

Red Grasso, Director, North Carolina First Responder Emerging Technologies Program Communications technology 2020-04-20
Collaboration is Key in Human Trafficking Investigations Theresa Nietzel, Human Trafficking Investigator, Erie County, New York, Sheriff’s Office Human trafficking 2020-03-27
The Importance of Community Policing in Preventing Terrorism Frank Straub, Director of the Center for Mass Violence Response Studies, National Police Foundation Terrorism 2020-03-03

Using Evidence-Based Policing To Combat Violent Crime

Sgt. Matthew Barter, Manchester, New Hampshire Police Department Evidence-based practice 2020-02-27

Proper Planning Is Critical for School Safety

 Kathy Martinez-Prather, Director, Texas School Safety Center School Safety 2020-02-20
How Grantsmanship Can Help a Tribal Police Department Michael W. Weissberg, Administrative Officer, Miccosukee Police Department, Miami, Florida Tribal Justice 2020-01-07
A Snapshot of the United States Indian Policing Academy Steven Juneau, Director, United States Indian Policing Academy Tribal justice 2019-11-22
Solving Missing Persons Cases in Indian Country Cornelia Perry, Criminal Investigator, Navajo Nation Department of Criminal Investigations Tribal justice 2019-11-20
The Value of Threat Assessment Teams Donna Michaelis, Director, Virginia Center for School and Campus Safety, Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services School safety 2019-11-12
Emphasizing Education First in School Policing Martin Sissac, Chief of Police, Fontana Unified School District School safety 2019-10-21
Addressing Mental Health Is an Important Factor in Improving School Safety Christine Harms, Director, Colorado School Safety Resource Center School safety 2019-10-21
Expanding the DNA Database to Solve Cold Cases Detective Lindsey Wade Cold cases 2019-11-12
Expanding the Cold Case Team Beyond Law Enforcement Sgt. Darrell Price, Cold Case Unit, Charlotte-Mecklenburg, N.C. Cold cases 2019-10-16

A Multijurisdictional Team Moved Cold Cases to the Front Burner

Sally Wolter, Detective, Michigan State Police Cold cases 2019-12-3
Connection to Combat Terrorism Chief Kelly Nee, Boston University Police Department Terrorism 2019-10-16
Maintaining Vigilance to Combat Terrorism Chief Luther Reynolds, Charleston Police Department Terrorism 2019-1-16
Leveraging Broadband Communications to Improve Public Safety Shing Lin, Chief Technology Officer, Harris County Public Safety Technology Services Communications technology 2019-9-23
Creating the ‘Connected Cop’ Through a Broadband Network Scott Edson, Executive Director, Los Angeles Regional Interoperable Communications System (LA-RICS Communications technology 2019-12-3
Peer Support: A Valuable Tool in Assisting Mental Health Consumers After a Crisis Officer Luke Bonkiewicz, Lincoln (Nebraska) Police Department Evidence-based practice 2019-11-18
In God We Trust, All Others Bring Data Sgt. Jeremiah Johnson, Ph.D., Darien Police Department, Connecticut Evidence-based practice 2018-9-17
Using Data to Drive Down Traffic Fatalities Sergeant James Williams, Metro Nashville Police Department, Tennessee Evidence-based practice 2019-2-15
Research as Responsible Practice John Wetzel, Pennsylvania Department of Corrections Evidence-based practice 2019-2-15
Employing Evidence to Combat Everyday Tragedy Captain Ken Clary, Iowa State Patrol Evidence-based practice 2019-2-15
Tackling Gun Violence as a Community Issue Juan Perez, Director, Miami-Dade Police Department Gun violence 2019-2-15
Investing in People: Improving Corrections Staff Health and Wellness Colette Peters, Director, Oregon Department of Corrections Prison reform 2018-8-28
Reducing Restrictive Housing for Improved Prison Outcomes Rick Raemisch, Director, Colorado Department of Corrections Prison reform 2019-2-15
Learning, Intelligence Collection, and Accommodation as a Civil Disturbance Response Calvin Williams, Chief of Police, Cleveland Division of Police Civil disturbance 2018-8-28
Communication as a Tool to Prevent and Respond to Civil Disturbance Dan Flynn, Chief, Marietta Police Department Civil disturbance 2018-1-29
Intelligence, Communication, and Lots of Resources Michael Harrison, Superintendent, New Orleans Police Department Civil disturbance 2018-2-20
A Sensible Response to Civil Disturbance Kathleen O'Toole, Former Chief, Seattle Police Department Civil disturbance 2018-3-7
A Three-Part Approach to Civil Disturbance Commissioner William B. Evans, Boston Police Department Civil disturbance 2018-2-20
The Medical Examiner's Office as a Focal Point Dr. Thomas Gilson, Medical Examiner, Cuyahoga County, Ohio Opioid epidemic 2018-2-20
Police and Population-Level Intervention Brandon del Pozo, Chief of Police, Burlington, Vermont, Opioid epidemic 2018-6-13
ODMAP: A Digital Tool to Track and Analyze Overdoses Jeff Beeson, Deputy Director, Washington/Baltimore HIDTA Opioid epidemic 2018-5-14
Understanding the Opioid Crisis Through Data and All-Stakeholder Reviews Mallory O’Brien, Founding Director of the Milwaukee Homicide Review Commission Opioid epidemic 2018-4-3
Lessons Learned From the Front Lines of the Opioid Epidemic Chief Richard Biehl, Dayton Police Department Opioid epidemic 2018-4-11
Date Published: May 9, 2022