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NIJ FY06 Office of Science and Technology Congressionally Directed Awards

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Awards made under this funding opportunity are either made non-competitively or are the result of an administrative funding adjustment. See below for descriptions of circumstances under which such awards could have been made. Non-competitive awards are made under the following circumstances:Only one reasonable source - instances where only one responsible applicant can perform the work of the proposed award. Circumstances under which this may occur include when the NIJ Director has determined in writing that:The applicant has proprietary information or proposes a project involving a unique idea, method, or approach toward advancing criminal justice, policy, and practice in the United States.The applicant has made a substantial investment in an activity that would advance criminal justice policy and practice in the United States. The majority of NIJ's non-competitive awards to other Federal agencies fall into this category. These agreements are developed to leverage the investment or infrastructure of these agencies to criminal justice application.The applicant is the only entity known to possess the capability to perform the work.Compelling public interest - instances where the NIJ Director has determined in writing that exigent, urgent, or other compelling circumstances exist that make it in the public interest to make an award non-competitively. One example of such an instance might be an unusual and compelling urgency to execute a pilot project within a short window of opportunity to affect a public policy decision.Statutory requirements - instances where a funding recipient is specified by an appropriations act or other applicable law.Recommendations in Congressional reports, when a non-competitive award would be consistent with applicable law - instances where a House, Senate or Conference Report accompanying an appropriations act or other law recommends an award to a particular recipient, and an award may be made consistent with applicable law, including any applicable executive orders. Administrative Funding Adjustments are awards originally made to one organization, but moved to another after award for an administrative reason. The new award is for the same purpose and term as the original award. For example, an Administrative Funding Adjustment can be done when a principal investigator moves from one university to another and the universities agree that the project and funding should follow that investigator.


Number of Awards: 7
Total Amount Awarded: $16,211,356

Date Created: October 16, 2005