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Awards: Listing of Funded Projects

Every year, NIJ awards grants and cooperative agreements for research, development, evaluation, testing and training and technical assistance projects across the spectrum of criminal justice.

Fiscal year 2021 Awards

NIJ grantees will be notified through the JustGrants system when they have received an award. All grants not awarded by September 30th will be made as soon as possible on a rolling basis and no later than December 31, 2021. Applicants not receiving a FY 2021 award, for which they competitively applied, will be notified as soon as possible, but no later than the calendar year-end. Please continue to visit the NIJ website for updates on NIJ grant awards. NIJ will update the list below as they are released.

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Awardee Name: American University

Number of Awards: 13
Total Amount Awarded: $2,859,320

Funded Awards
FY Sort ascending Title Original Solicitation Recipient State Award Number Amount Status
2021 Fatal and Non-Fatal Intimate Partner and Family Violence Against Older Women: An Exploration of Age and Police Response to Inform Research, Policy and Practice Research and Evaluation on Violence Against Women, Fiscal Year 2021 AMERICAN UNIVERSITY, THE DC 15PNIJ-21-GG-02801-REVA $195,135 Awarded, but not yet accepted
2016 NIJ's Research Assistantship Program Office of Research and Evaluation Continuations American University DC 2014-IJ-CX-K005 $155,181 Closed
2016 Non-fatal Intimate Partner Violence Against LGB Individuals: Exploring Victims' Use of Formal and Informal Services Through Analysis of Existing Data Sources Research and Evaluation on Victims of Crime American University DC 2016-V3-GX-0008 $134,520 Closed
2015 # 2014-IJ-CX-K005 - Supplement NIJ FY 15 Office of Research and Evaluation Continuations American University DC 2014-IJ-CX-K005 $144,447 Closed
2015 Intimate Partner Violence, Stalking and Sexual Violence Among Non-College Attending Emerging Adults: Exploring the Prevalence of the Problem and Utilization of Victim Services NIJ FY 15 Secondary Analysis of the 2010 National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS) Data: General Population and American Indian and Alaska Native Samples American University DC 2015-VA-CX-0072 $39,958 Closed
2014 NIJ Research Assistantship Program 2014-15 FY 14 National Institute of Justice Continuation Awards American University DC 2014-IJ-CX-K005 $60,140 Closed
2013 Assessing the Transnational Criminal Capacity of MS-13 in the U.S. and El Salvador NIJ FY 13 Research and Evaluation on Transnational Issues Trafficking in Persons, Transnational Organized Crime and Violent Extremism American University DC 2013-R2-CX-0048 $671,615 Closed
2012 NIJ Student Research Assistant Program - Supplement NIJ FY 12 Office of Research and Evaluation ORE Continuations American University DC 2010-IJ-CX-0101 $105,946 Closed
2011 A Proposal for Social Science Research on Wrongful Conviction NIJ FY 2011 Office of Research and Evaluation Continuations American University DC 2009-IJ-CX-4110 $450,858 Closed
2011 Evaluating and Improving Law Enforcement Cooperation in Combatting Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations NIJ FY 11 Research Solicitation on International Organized Crime (IOC) American University DC 2011-IJ-CX-0001 $453,112 Closed
2010 Negotiated Justice: The Legal, Administrative and Policy Implications of "Pattern or Practice" Police Misconduct Reform NIJ FY 10 ORE Ph.D.Graduate Research Fellowship Program American University DC 2010-IJ-CX-0001 $25,000 Closed
2010 NIJ Student Research Assistants Program NIJ FY 10 ORE Continuations American University DC 2010-IJ-CX-0101 $187,598 Closed
2003 Exploring Links Between International Organized Crime/Terror CONTINUATION OF NATIONAL DRUG COURT EVALUATION American University DC 2003-IJ-CX-1019 $235,810 Closed