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The State of the Police Field: A New Professionalism in Policing?

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Panelists debate the premise of a Harvard Executive Session working paper that suggests police organizations are striving for a "new" professionalism. Leaders are endeavoring for stricter standards of efficiency and conduct, while also increasing their legitimacy to the public and encouraging innovation. Is this new? Will this idea lead to prematurely discarding community policing as a guiding philosophy?

Moderator: Ellen Scrivner, Deputy Director, National Institute of Justice


  • Christopher Stone, Daniel and Florence Guggenheim Professor of the Practice of Criminal Justice, Harvard University
  • David Alan Sklansky ,Yosef Osheawich Professor and Faculty Chair, University of California, Berkeley, School of Law
  • Ronald Davis, Chief, East Palo Alto Police Department

Date Created: March 27, 2014