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Paper Microfluidic Devices for Fieldable Forensic Testing

Event Dates
All times are Eastern Time unless noted otherwise.
Event Duration
One hour

A suite of paper microfluidic devices for detecting explosives, drugs and serology has now been developed. These devices are not much larger than a postage stamp and can detect multiple target analytes. In this webinar we will describe the development, use, and applications of the technology.

Detailed Learning Objectives:

  • Explanation of the manufacture and development of paper microfluidic devices
  • Discussion of the chemistry and methodology behind colorimetric detection methods
  • Description of individual devices and their applications in forensic testing

Contact Information

If you have questions about this course or difficulty with login or registration, contact the Forensic Science Technology Center of Excellence.

Event Type
Event Option(s)
Online, On demand
NIJ Forensic Technology Center of Excellence (RTI International)
Bruce McCord, Ph.D.
Florida International University
Registration Status
Open to all
Date Created: September 21, 2018