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Molecular Autopsy Implementation Expert Panel

Event Dates
Event Duration
90 Minutes

The New York City Office of Chief Medical Examiner (OCME) and the Forensic Technology Center of Excellence (FTCOE) are delivering a virtual expert panel discussion focusing on the implementation of molecular autopsies. Dr. Yingying Tang, Director of the OCME Molecular Genetics Laboratory, has developed and validated a series of genetics panels that the OCME utilizes to help inform the postmortem autopsy results. The Expert Panel, occurring live on September 26, 2023 from 11:30 am – 1:00 pm EST, will feature a multi-disciplinary panel of experts including forensic pathologists, medical examiners, cardiologists, geneticists, genetic counselors, and cardiac geneticists in a guided discussion about molecular autopsy implementation, sample strategy recommendations, policy and procedure considerations, and case submission recommendations. Additionally, the experts will discuss how genetic analyses can help inform cause of death determinations and impact the lives of the next of kin. 

To highlight the success of molecular autopsy implementation at the NYC OCME and provide context on this emerging strategy prior to the Expert Panel, a series of presentations will be available on September 11, 2023. In the presentations, Dr. Jason Graham (Chief Medical Examiner, NYC OCME) will highlight implementing molecular autopsies, Dr. Michelle Stram (Senior Medical Examiner, NYC OCME) will highlight how postmortem genetic testing can help inform cause of death, Dr. Yingying Tang (Director of the Molecular Genetics Laboratory, NYC OCME) will highlight sampling strategies and possible results of molecular testing, Dr. Robert Marion (Co-Founder of the Montefiore Cardiogenetic Program) will highlight how molecular panels can impact the lives of the next of kin, and Sarah Saxton (Genetic Counselor of the Molecular Genetics Laboratory, NYC OCME) will highlight the role and impact of a genetic counselor in conveying the results to the next of kin.  

Date Created: August 18, 2023