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Forensic Epidemiology: Monitoring Fatal Drug Overdose Trends

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1 hour

Given the vital role of medical examiners and coroners (ME/C) in recognizing emerging trends in drug overdose deaths, partnering epidemiologists with ME/C offices can greatly enhance the utility of the significant volume of data generated by medicolegal death investigation. Epidemiologists from three unique ME jurisdictions—North Carolina, New Mexico and Virginia—share their experiences with monitoring drug overdose deaths, trends observed, and how best to utilize ME/C data to inform public health policy.

This webinar begins with three subject matter experts sharing their experiences from their respective states. The first presenter is Alison Miller, MA, who is discussing her North Carolina experience. She is followed by New Mexico’s Sarah Lathrop, DVM, PhD. Third, Kathrin “Rose” Hobron, MPH, shares her experience in Virginia

Date Created: January 27, 2020